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Vol. 13 No. 26 (2021)
Published May 14, 2021

Nova Scientia is a multidisciplinary, peer reviewed, electronic and twice a year publication published by the Universidad De La Salle Bajío. It is organized in two sections with the aim to publish unpublished and original papers from the different scientific disciplines by national and international researches; it does not publish reviews, bibliographical revisions or professional applications. It has a rejection rate of 80%. Since 2012 it has been the best evaluated journal in its category in the CONACYT Index.

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Natural Sciences and Engineering

Joanka Hernández Cabanas, Guillermo Monsivais Galindo, José Antonio Otero Hernández
Magneto-electric coupling constants in piezoelectric/piezomaganetic layered composite
Germán Ardul Muñoz-Hernández, Alejandro Díaz-Sánchez, Carlos Arturo Gracios-Marín, Josefina Castañeda-Camacho
Evaluation of controllers and fractional filters in reducing the cross-coupling interaction in the nonlinear model of a hydroelectric station
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Julieta Karina Cruz Vázquez, María Velasco Pineda, Francisco Gumaro Ruiz Ruiz
Monitoring the voltage of a solar panel and light quality using the Internet of Things
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Fernando Javier Aguilar Canto, Eric José Avila-Vales
Minett-Wang model of language competition of Yucatec Maya and Spanish in Yucatan Peninsula
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Daniel Arturo Olivares Vera, David Asael Gutiérrez Hernández, Marco Antonio Escobar Acevedo, Claudia Margarita Lara Rendón, Dulce Aurora Velázquez Velázquez
Comparison of algorithms for the prediction of glucose levels in patients with diabetes
Elizabeth Selene Gómez-Acata, Laura Mariana Ayala-Gámez, Raúl García-Covarrubias, Martha Yvette Torres-Núñez, Liliana Vargas-López, Susana Hernández-Camargo, Itzel Guadalupe Becerril-Rojas, Marcos León-Domínguez, Lizbeth Zurita-García, Yendi E. Navarro-Noya, Eloy Conde-Barajas, Luc Dendooven
Bioprospecting of haloalkaliphilic microorganisms isolated from a dried-out maar in the volcano “Hoya Rincón de Parangueo”
José Francisco Rodríguez Rodríguez, Ernesto Cerna Chávez, Mariana Beltrán Beache, Yisa María Ochoa Fuentes, Jerónimo Landeros Flores, Luis Patricio Guevara Acevedo
Selection of Resistance and Sub-lethal Effects of Cypermethrin in the Diamondback Moth (Plutella xylostella L.)
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Juana Cruz García Santiago, Armando Hernández Pérez, Fabiola Aureoles Rodríguez, José Antonio González Fuentes, Vicente Torres Olivar, Alonso Méndez López, Perpetuo Álvarez Vázquez
RETRACTED PAPER Ammonium and Sulfate on growth, physiological activity and nutrimental status of lisianthus plants cv. ABC 1-2 deep rose
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Héctor Williams Alanís, Ulises Aranda Lara, Gerardo Arcos Cavazos, Francisco Zavala García, María del Carmen Rodríguez Vázquez, Emilio Olivares Sáenz
Productive potential of experimental white sorghum varieties for south Tamaulipas
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Human and Social Sciences

Luis Angel Calzoncin Calvillo, Tonatiuh García Campos, Fredi Everardo Correa Romero
Psychological well-being, social anomie and psychological anomie in contexts of poverty
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Raúl Hernández-Ordóñez, Norma Amador-Licona
Construction and validation of a questionnaire to evaluate the perception of methodological tutoring in Medical Specialization courses
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Verónica Reyes Pérez, Christian Enrique Cruz Torres, Raúl J. Alcazár-Olán
Validation of the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire kids (CERQ-k) in Mexican Children
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Claudia Alejandra Hernández Herrera
Maternity: Perception of university students about its effects in the workplace academic and social
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Quetzalli Atlatenco Ibarra, María Teresa De la Garza Carranza
Expectations of financial planning for the retirement of parents
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Marco Aurelio Jaso Sánchez
A methodological analysis of foresight studies on bioeconomy’s future
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María Magdalena Rojas Rojas, Karina Valencia Sandoval, Ma. Carmen Ybarra Moncada, José de Jesús Brambila Paz
Competitiveness and innovation in the pulquera industry, an economic analysis
Beatriz M Terán-Pérez, Cuitláhuac Valdez Lafarga, Alejandra Miranda Félix, Pedro Flores Leal
Academic Entrepreneurial Intention: a study through the Theory of Planned Behavior
María Olivia Palafox Soto, Sergio Ochoa Jiménez, Carlos Armando Jacobo Hernández
El Leadership and its relationship with the organizational culture in small and medium sized family businesses in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora
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Gertrudis Guzmán Noh, Francisco Delfín Gurrí García
Resilience of salt gathering in the hurricanes exposed marsh ponds of the coast of Yucatan, Mexico
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Elizabeth Olmos Martínez, Marco Antonio Almendarez-Hernández, Reyna María Ibáñez Pérez
Visitor satisfaction based on the attributes of magical towns in the Mexican northwest
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Dulce María Pérez Hernández, Salvador Neme Calacich
Value chain in textile handicrafts: The case of the Tabasco embroidered strip
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Verenice Torres-Salas, Arturo Hernández-Montes
The human values in the consumption of aged cheese of Zacazonapan
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José Joaquín Piña Mondragón
Treatment and protection of personal data in the public health sector. The transition to the electronic clinical record
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Armando Espinoza Martínez, Jorge Aguillón Robles, Gerardo Javier Arista González
Habitability of the emerging housing for migrant workers in Villa de Arista, San Luis Potosí
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Dení Stincer Gómez, Ana Claudia Couló, Zuraya Monroy Nasr
The ontogenetic, psychological and epistemological nature of errors and obstacles in the construction of scientific hypotheses: A case study
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