Design of a Horn - RADANT Lens antenna with electronic beam scanning for Ka Band

Luis Alejandro Iturri Hinojosa, Alexander E. Martynyuk, José Luis López Bonilla


The design of a Horn-RADANT lens with electronic beam scanning for the Ka frequency band is presented. The prototype of the antenna consists of a 2bit Radant lens installed on the aperture of an E-sectorial horn antenna. A pair of grids, with rectangular slot antenna printed on dielectric substrate with PIN diode switch as load in each node generates 90° phase shift of the incident wave with reflection coefficient lower than -4.3 dB, and a transmission coefficient above -0.34 dB. The lens performance designed with three pair of grids, over an E-polarized plane wave, is experimentaly verified. Using a mathematical model for the design, the RADANT lens geometry and the adecuate configuration of the bias switches have been obtained, reaching electronic beam-steering angles of 11.35° and 8.6°, both of them with directivity greater than 14 dB.


Radant lens; E-sectorial horn antenna; electronically beam scanning; and p-i-n diode switches


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