Asymptotically stable equilibrium points in new chaotic systems


Chaotic systems
asymptotically stable equilibrium
non-existence of Shilnikov chaos
Lyapunov exponents Sistemas caóticos
equilibrio asintóticamente estable
no existencia del caos de Shilnikov
ex-ponentes de Lyapunov

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Casas-García, K., Quezada Téllez, L. A., Carrillo-Moreno, S., Flores-Godoy, J. J., & Fernández Anaya, G. (2016). Asymptotically stable equilibrium points in new chaotic systems. Nova Scientia, 8(16), 41–58.


In this paper ten new chaotic nonlinear autonomous systems are presented. These systems were found by using the Monte Carlo method and they characterized by having one of their equilibrium points asymptotically stable. These new systems does not present chaos in the sense of Shilnikov, but their bifurcation diagrams show a period doubling route towards chaos. Kaplan-Yorke dimensions were also calculated, which is fractional order enclosed in a range of 2-3.


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