Dynamic Managerial Capabilities of SME managers in the adoption of national and cross-border electronic commerce
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comercio electrónico
comercio electrónico transfronterizo
capacidades dinámicas de gestión
capacidades organizacionales
estrategia digital
tecnologías de información y comunicación
transformación digital marketplace
cross border e-commerce
dynamic managerial capabilities
organizational capabilities
digital strategy
Information and Communication Technologies
digital transformation

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González Arellano, L. A., & Acosta-Gonzaga, E. (2021). Dynamic Managerial Capabilities of SME managers in the adoption of national and cross-border electronic commerce. Nova Scientia, 13(27). https://doi.org/10.21640/ns.v13i27.2770


SMEs in developing countries have low participation in exports, however, information technologies through international marketplaces have reduced the problems they face in exporting. This paper analyzes the process of ecommerce adoption in SMEs and how marketplaces influence the adoption of cross-border e-commerce from the perspective of the theory of dynamic managerial capabilities. The multiple case study and the Delphi method are used as qualitative methodology. The findings suggest that companies can start by adopting easy-to-use digital commerce tools and as they gain experience, they will be able to adopt more advanced technologies and strategies. International marketplaces facilitate the work to export small volume and low value packages, so leveraging the services provided by these platforms is a great alternative. As a conclusion, SME managers are recommended to have the willingness and commitment to improve their own capabilities, but they should focus on building organizational capabilities within their companies.

XML (Español (España))


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