Evaluation of controllers and fractional filters in reducing the cross-coupling interaction in the nonlinear model of a hydroelectric station
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potencia hidroeléctrica
control de estaciones de poder
control de orden fraccional
filtros de orden fraccional
interacción del acoplamiento cruzado
aplicaciones del control
modelo matemático
controlador Proporcional
error cuadrático hydroelectric power
power station control
fractional order control
fractional order filters
cross-coupling interaction
control applications
mathematical model
proportional integral derivative
squared error

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Muñoz-Hernández, G. A., Díaz-Sánchez, A., Gracios-Marín, C. A., & Castañeda-Camacho, J. (2021). Evaluation of controllers and fractional filters in reducing the cross-coupling interaction in the nonlinear model of a hydroelectric station. Nova Scientia, 13(26). https://doi.org/10.21640/ns.v13i26.2681


In this paper, a non-linear multivariable mathematical model of a pump storage hydroelectric power plant, developed in Matlab-Simulink, is used to evaluate the performance of a Proportional Integral Derivative (pseudo derivative) controller with anti-windup, where the integral and derivative actions are of fractional order. This control is robust, maintaining its performance in the case of direct response and in the case of cross coupling response. Similarly, the advantage of using a filter to reduce the cross-coupling interaction of this system is shown. The effect of this filter, of fractional order, on the performance of the system, is shown by reducing the integral of the squared error.

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