Magneto-electric coupling constants in piezoelectric/piezomaganetic layered composite


Magnetoelectric effects
Piezoelectric constants
Composite materials
Electromagnetic elasticity
PACS: 46.25.Hf; 75,85 t; 77.65.Bn; 77.84.Lf Elasticidad electromagnética
Efectos magnetoeléctricos
Constantes piezoeléctricas
Materiales compuestos
PACS: 46.25.Hf; 75,85 t; 77.65.Bn; 77.84.Lf

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Hernández Cabanas, J., Monsivais Galindo, G., & Otero Hernández, J. A. (2021). Magneto-electric coupling constants in piezoelectric/piezomaganetic layered composite. Nova Scientia, 13(26).


During the last few years, piezoelectric/piezomagnetic composites have been studied due to the numerous applications related to the coupling between these materials and the fields. In the present work, two theoretical models for calculating the magneto/electric coupling factor of the composite with 2-2 connectivity, are presented. Using the asymptotic homogenization method, the effective coefficients of a periodic magneto–electro–elastic layered composite can be obtained in matrix form. By using this matrix, a two-layered composite formed by BaTiO3 and CoFe2O4 are studied, and expressions for the effective coefficients are obtained. The effective magneto/electric coupling factor as a function of the piezoelectric volumetric fraction are found from these particular coefficients. In addition, a dynamic model of the multilayer piezoelectric/piezomagnetic composite is discussed. The dynamical model has been used to determinate the magnetoelectric coupling constants.


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