Prácticas pedagógicas innovadoras en la enseñanza del Diseño Arquitectónico. El Diseño como Metadiscurso
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procesos de diseño
prácticas pedagógicas
estudios de diseño Metadiscipline
Design processes
Pedagogic practices
Design Studies

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Loredo Cansino, R., Martín Gutiérrez, J. R., & Durán Rodríguez, H. (2014). Prácticas pedagógicas innovadoras en la enseñanza del Diseño Arquitectónico. El Diseño como Metadiscurso. Nova Scientia, 1(2), 130–143.


Introduction: This article presents the partial results of a research project, accepted in the IV and V Research Summon of the University De La Salle Bajío which most important specific objective is the reflection of the contemporary teaching models in the Architectural Design Area and the differences with the traditional formation model in the design workshops of the Architecture Schools.

As a pedagogic project it pretends to create a space for reflection for the students about their practices and processes and for the teachers about the importance of the pedagogic practices used in the Design teaching.

Therefore, under a qualitative perspective, previous to anything else is established an approach to the complex situation lived by students in Architectural Design Workshops to describe and interpret it through the ethnographic watching. With the intention of avoid any bias in the data interpretation it is proposed a interdisciplinary reflection, establishing as Metadiscourse the Design and as the watcher an alternative discipline, the Industrial Design, that will help to establish a holistic and contemporary model for the Design processes that serve as basis of discussion in the next curriculum revision in the UDLSB Architecture School.

Now, to change the mentality in the teaching way of the Architectural Design involve two fundamental changes: first, the responsible of the teaching shall quit to understand Architecture as an absolute discipline, valuating the multidisciplinary relations, and second, to assume that in the classroom we face a student that must answer to complex problems product of a complex society, which implies innovating pedagogic practices.
PDF (Español (España))


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