Electronic Properties of III-V Semiconductors under [111] Uniaxial Strain; a Tight-Binding Approach: II. Antimonides and Phosphides

J. Juan Martín Mozo, Miguel E. Mora-Ramos


The sp3 s * d 5 empirical tight-binding approach is used to study some properties of the electronic structure in a group of III-V zincblende semiconductors which are of most intersest to electronics and optoelectronics. Particularly, it is investigated the influence of [111] uniaxial strain upon these properties. We make use of a formulation outlined in the first part of this work [MoraRamos 2009]. Special attention is paid to the inclusion of the internal deformation effect. We present the variation of the Γ-, X- and L-related energy gaps and conduction band effective masses as functions of the uniaxial strain in the case of AlP, InP, AlSb, GaSb, and InSb. Fitting expressions for the main energy band gaps are reported for these five materials. A strong straininduced non-linear behavior of these quantities as well as of the conduction band effective masses is observed.


tight-binding; III-V materials; electronic structure; uniaxial strain


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21640/ns.v2i4.209


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