Bibliometric analysis of Organizational culture in Business economics of Web of Science, 1980-2018

Jose Efren Leyva-Duarte, José de Jesús Chávez Martínez, Francisco Javier Pinedo-de-Anda, Juan Cayetano Niebla-Zatarain


Introduction: This article aims to provide an analysis of the information on scientific research publications of Organizational culture available in the Web of Science. For this, a bibliometric analysis of the publications of the Web of Science Core Collection database on Organizational culture in the category of Management in the research area of Business economics was done.

Method: The data obtained from a search of the Web of Science Core Collection database were subjected to a bibliometric analysis using VOSviewer software. The period analyzed was from 1980 to October 18, 2018, the date on which the bibliographic data was downloaded.     

Results: In this section is showed the analysis of the data of the publications on Organizational Culture. Tables and network maps, top 25 most productive and cited authors, journals that more articles published, 40 publications most cited and main references most co-cited, is some information obtained in the analysis.

Discussion or Conclusion: Our results of the bibliometric analysis showed that Organizational culture is maintained as an interest research subject and it provides a synthesis about of organizational culture research for new researchers.


bibliometric analysis; organizational culture; management; Web of Science; VOSviewer; scientific publications; scientific research; business economics; journals

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