Estimation of efficient operating parameters focused to the manufacture of electric coils using an experimental design 2k

Edgar Augusto Ruelas Santoyo, José Jovani Cardiel Ortega


Introduction: Given the importance of the country's electricity industry for influencing most of the productive processes of the economy, the challenges in the changes in the energy market and the new regulations for producers, it is necessary, from the aspect of manufacturing to offer tools to improve the processes of electrical products, the quality of the service and increase the reliability of the system. The transformer is one of the most important elements in the electric power transmission system, manufacturing it with low quality standards represents important problems for both the final consumers and the system. The purpose of this work is to establish efficient operating conditions for the manufacture of electric coils, minimizing the variability of the dimensions and allowing a correct assembly of the components that make up the single-phase transformer.

Method: Capacity analysis was used to evaluate the ability of the process to meet the specifications before and after the improvements, in addition, a 2k Factorial Experiments Design was developed that allowed to establish adequate operating conditions in the manufacturing process in addition to determine the influence of the tension of the wire and the dielectric paper supplier on the dimensional variables of the coil.

Results: With the study it was found that the factors considered have significant influence on the dimensions of the coils, the high levels of each factor allowed to minimize the dimensions, thus it was possible to meet the specification limits, it was possible to improve the centering of the process of the variables of length and width of the coil by substantially increasing the capability indices of the process.

Discussion or Conclusion: The statistical methods used in this work were an effective tool to study the process. 


electric coils; electrical industry; design of experiments; productive processes; energy market; electric power transmission; single-phase transformer; manufacturing process; experimental design 2k


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