Transmission for a superlattice with linear modulation of the barriers width
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Barajas-Aguilar, A. H., Enciso-Muñoz, A., & Contreras-Solorio, D. A. (2012). Transmission for a superlattice with linear modulation of the barriers width. Nova Scientia, 4(8), 1–12.


Using the transfer matrix method and the Ben Daniel-Duke equation for variable mass electrons propagation, we calculate the transmittance for a symmetric finite superlattice which has a linear dependence for the width of the potential barriers. The width of the barriers decreases from the center toward to the ends of the superlattice. The energy dependence of the transmittance presents intervals of stopbands and quite flat passbands. We calculate the transmission for several heights of barriers and widths of wells and compare with the transmission of a regular superlattice where all the barriers have the same width. We also compare with an inverted linear superlattice where the barriers width increases from the center to the ends, as well with the transmission produced by a superlattice with a Gaussian variation of the barriers width.
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