Evaluation of DNA vaccine and its recombinant peptide against inhibin alpha (165-300) on immune response and fertility in mice

Carlos Luna-Palomera, Juan González-González, Amanda Gayosso-Vázquez, Vianey Ramírez-Andoney, Nadia Florencia Ojeda-Robertos, Julio Armando Aguilar-Cabrales, Rogelio Alejandro Alonso-Morales


The aim was to evaluate a DNA vaccine (INHA-DNA) and its recombinant peptide INHA-rec) against inhibin alpha (INHA) on the immune response and fertility in mice. Sixteen Balb/c mice were divided into two groups of 8 each and under a heterologous prime boost immunogenic scheme one group were inoculated with 100 μg of INHA-DNA and 14 d later with 100 μg of INHA-rec. The control group received saline solution. After the first birth, a booster was given with both antigens (INHA-DNA + INHA-rec). Immunization with 100 μg of INHA-DNA and INHA-rec induced high levels of anti-INHA antibody, as well as greater weight and size litter (P <0.05) compared to control. The mean fertility was similar between INHA (67%) and control (60%). In conclusion, the DNA vaccine and its recombinant antigen against INHA are capable of inducing immunity against INHA by increasing litter size without an apparent negative effect on fertility in mice.


Inhibin alfa; DNA vaccine; fertility; recombinant peptide


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21640/ns.v10i20.1310


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